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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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as the military takes interim control in egypt western leaders congratulate the gyptian people as things former president hosni mubarak a few weeks a revolt but following thirty years of american bankrolling which kept him in power critics are questioning how much egypt's new democracy will have to answer to u.s. demands also. united states is becoming the laughing stock of the world. as the election season kicks off in the united states but central republican candidates revealed the big plans for the country at a party conference in washington and. as ukraine and poland prepared to fight the pointed while you're been trying things
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that's not a very rational instrument may make it similar to last week impact or they will result in last year's so-called. international news live for most go this is aussie with me us of our thanks for joining us the egyptian military has promised to uphold the country's international obligations as it takes control following the resignation of president hosni mubarak after eighteen days a widespread us sometimes violent unrest forced him out the armed forces assume power over a transitional period until a new leaders elected crowds continue to gather in cairo's tahrir square has had a day to brace for his removal world leaders including the president praising of our decision to stand down say he had finally given in to the voice of the people but some observers question america's sincerity says it was us political and
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financial support which have the dictator in power over three decades and that's all there to check out now reports washington's involvement in. politics is not laughing to and with the mubarak regime. in the west mubarak's departure was hailed as a triumph of democracy for gyptian is have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. the u.s. congratulates egyptians for getting rid of a repressive leader it's a big change after washington sponsoring hosni mubarak for thirty years and turning a blind eye to widespread human rights violations in the country what have i been doing for the previous thirty years while mubarak was actually torturing people. putting down opposition by force barak was a bad guy but he was our bad guy and as long as we had some element of control and that was good for us america's close ally is out of power but some analysts say the
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u.s. is still pulling the strings united states has a long term alliance with israel a deep partnership with egypt we as a country have provided more than one hundred billion dollars in aid to both of these countries there's a real investment here the force now in charge in egypt is the country's military largely financed by the united states the army will be in power until egyptians choose their next president it is the second largest recipient of american aid in the world after his neighbor as well the u.s. is pumping billions of dollars into the egyptian military which gives washington huge control over the running of the country and it's sure although the official u.s. position is that it's up to the egyptian people to choose their next leader some analysts say it's very likely the country's next president will be subject to american approval what took place in egypt was a military coup in a military coup inside the aren't mubarak and suleiman of course they're also
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military men but there will be no posed by chief of the army and the minister of defense they have a very close relationship with the pentagon don't always very very close to robert gates they talked on the phone at least five times this past week so obviously washington will be supervising any sing that happens tahrir square in cairo now celebrates the end of rule by. an autocratic leader who restricted political freedoms and damaged economic progress so too did people on the streets of kurdistan and ukraine in recent years after so-called democratic revolutions with western approval but the leaders who came to power were later rejected by their own people the party of so many of these great people power revolution going on when. people discover but a lot of the might. be just a change of races and. some say the lesson that the west to learn from recent
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revolutions is to abstain from supporting a leader just based on how convenient they are for the west rather than how much they can do for their people going to check on r t washington d.c. . and british historian and middle east expert tariq ali says the u.s. has been playing a dangerous game while history unfolds in egypt. the attempts made by man mubarak's deputy to cry and crush the demonstrators through violence free. ben the choice is very clear either they call in the army to carry out a blood department buried square in front of the world and that was too risky an option for the gyptian army because it might have split the army the generals might have carried out the orders if the pentagon had approved them but young officers whose children whose families whose brothers and sisters involved in this uprising might have desisted so it was
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a very serious risk for washington and in the end they decided it would be safe to dump mubarak and mubarak then refused to carry out orders from the pentagon but only for twenty four hours he resisted for one day in the next day he was gone because the army told him he had to go and the ya me. freedom marshal. the defense minister as we've already heard is a close ally of the pentagon takes orders direct the big question washington has is nothing should happen to destabilize their permanent israel that is all they're concerned about and they're also concerned about the effects of this are people now on jordan on yemen and who knows even them saudi arabia and bahrain so regardless of what washington wants it can to try to control the situation. and in a few minutes more analysis of the ripples spreading out from the direction of the
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rats. our military expert examines how the president of afghanistan is trying to shield himself from a repetition of the bands in cairo and. believe me a lot of countries that are so vital for the interest we're paying so it's good for us to be in doubt you think. not this was so deep and can be you out before bankruptcy comes knocking the residents tries to find out on new york streets for. as americans begin looking to next year's presidential election a country in economic crisis potential candidates from the republican party gets out on issues including abortion gun ownership and the place of religion in public life but with the u.s. still fighting two wars abroad one of the biggest topics of discussion will be military spending. has been looking into some of the new political faces on the scene who could be vying for the white house. if you've been wondering who i
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am one of you. could possibly how we got on let washington co-op the tea party. one day become the next u.s. president. while i'm not at this time a candidate for the presidency i will decide by june whether or not i will become one of the if you came to the right party that's precisely what it was undervalued to see pack everything here the fact that that's the basis for the united states. it's just a stone's throw away and though he hasn't officially announced it it is going to take a lot more of the new rhetoric to put americans back to work it's going to take a new president all eyes were on mitt romney i want to make this very clear if i were to decide to run for president who according to a recent rasmussen poll leads obama in a potential presidential race in two thousand and twelve and who just recently
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opposed the new start treaty which would limit the amount of nuclear weapons in both the united states and russia and which was supported by leadership of both parties neustar needs our national security. and potential candidate michele bachmann had quite a few eloquent things to say about u.s. foreign policy particularly china with all the money that we owe china i think we might rightly say who is your daddy but in this interview when discussing foreign policy bachmann it wasn't joking this is the time where we need to be on red hot alert five alarm alert and instead of throwing back and taking our weapons off the table we need to go and another presidential hopeful has been gearing up for years now especially when it comes to dealing with iran and ahmadinejad he gets to wipe out tel aviv maybe the israelis use nuclear weapons to iran he would accept that in a minute. because she believes everybody into iran goes to heaven and everybody in
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tel aviv does and now he's really angry at the u.s. president the obama administration is wrong on terrorism wrong on iran wrong on the muslim brotherhood wrong on hezbollah but hating obama is where the agreement seems to end because this year here's the compromise that conservatives also will have to make we will have to look long and hard at the military budget was good we knew there had to be some dissension so it was some fresh faces are willing to say in with the new out with field but establishment republicans there may be the temptation to x. everything including the defense but still have something to say and the money to not only say it but also to believe that the united states is becoming the laughing stock of the world but when realistic ideas too often get drowned out you cannot say that the job wing of the military budget in the last ten years has all been
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spent wisely and that there's not any waste in the joke. you just be on you. in the sauce the r. t. washington d.c. . no matter who becomes the next american president he or she will have to face the growing challenge of a massive budget deficit it's carving topping one trillion dollars and some analysts say the u.s. is pas the point of no return also is new york resident lori haas honest to the streets of gotham to find out if people really think america is set to hit rock bottom. the u.s. has a new budget coming out can america ever go bankrupt this week let's talk about that well we're already bankrupt so it's like credit card debt i mean. can you go at what point you at the bottom and what point do you start screaming
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about it to much invested in dollars to let america go bankrupt so now we're something that someone else has to take care of. not right now but if anything happens there's going to other countries who are going to do that for us is that fair. that soulsby laid up on not saying that everything's all right rosy at this point we're certainly not at a critical point and i think what you're pointing out is the fact that we need increased global cooperation it's not just a problem that can be fixed unilaterally either within the within the euro or within the us economy it's something that has to be fixed globally how do you stop spending when you've got thirty three hundred million people to make sure that they're healthy and have enough food and all that kind of stuff. how do you. you. you have to. cut it other places maybe stop going to
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war with so many people. as a real work we mean there's a lot of countries that are surviving for the interest we're paying and so it's good for us to be in doubt you think. not this much is it ok that our country is built on a deficit system. if you look at a lot of companies now they are so no it's not but we should be built on a surplus. do you think the rest of the world needs us to be in that yes i do feel like questions like these are sort of useless to people like me because it feels like it has nothing to do with me at all whether or not you think america can ever go bankrupt the bottom line is with a deficit that continues to grow something's got to give one way or another. to come in the private approaching. five hundred mission is nearing its destination
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and over time someone told the scientific what's a fix parent is very real. hot the diploma. nothing breakdown between russia and georgia everyday lives look at home leads forced by politicians and. just as the result a horn became the signature sound of the soccer world cup in south africa last year so we're hoping a traditional instrument will prove a similar quieter craze for fun's at the european championships in poland and ukraine he's a mix of has been getting a practice. remember the whole mark sound of last summer's football world cup the distinctive drawing of the traditional south african horn. here. made its equivalent for the euro twenty twelve championship to be held in ukraine
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and poland this was so it's called this is a lead soccer named and shaped after a cool and just like there was a lot it dates back thousands of years before the reporter get aboard the triple your culture where there's a lead to came from united money countries ukraine poland moldova romania and the balkans we want to use it at the twenty twelve championship to let everyone know of our roots we're not seeing this instrument is purely ukrainian i would rather see it's purely slavic. those behind the idea to use this is a lead to euro two thousand and twelve say they will try to avoid the will was ill effect which brought complaints from some that the powerful picture of the african horn was irritating and drowned out the atmosphere and like a monotonous roar of a who was ill of this ukrainian musical instrument provides a far more melodic sound and just about anybody can play just about any tune.
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professional folk musician maxime british new york says any football fan would master this instrument in no time and there was particularly keen could play even more than just football songs. nor was i you see it took me less than five minutes to teach you how to play it's really easy to use i've been playing for some time and i've learned to play tunes wonder of digital and many other musicians. costs under five dollars coming in various sizes and either clay or plastic but this spotter has been making these birdies for most of her life says the more natural there's a need for more positive vibe they make sure their ratios as a lead comes from the solo ukrainian soil countries friendly ever passed and coming
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here for the twenty two of couple feel it and this is elite still a transfer the positive emotions of our land every family uses one of those pushing this is the lead so i hope it will become the unofficial emblem of the euro twenty twelve championship the sound feeling stadium next year in ukraine and poland will tell how successful they have been. r.t. reporting from ukraine. after months of simulated space travel. three has landed on the red planet the latest phase in the experiments to replicate the conditions for journey to and from mars this in relation to recreate all the rigors of long distance spaceflight including solitude and of course basic food. after more than eight months flying to the red planet the isolated mars five hundred crew preparing to go where no man has gone before they prepare to take
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their first tentative steps onto a mock mars this or. this thing the surface of mars now only three of the six are actually going to be entering here they're going to be carrying out experiments collecting found other programs. the. monitor for russia's real life mission control and in reality they are the crew the spaceship and the planet's surface all just part of the simulated experiment one that comes complete with mock emergencies scientific experiments. and no natural light it's purpose to learn more about the physical and psychological demands of long distance space travel the head of the project tells me it's a no girls team perhaps to avoid any tensions and the experience itself is a tough challenge for the crew to have to deal with the monotony but thanks to this
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program of drills the men are in a good condition and we hope that. they will be able to walk on the planet surface the crew volunteers are being paid it's a long haul experiment that still has a while to completion in fact it won't be until the vendor six hundred forty days after they first began that the men will get to touch down back in reality was the experiment gives a unique insight into the long term space travel techniques it will be a long while yet before the real thing till then this simulation is as close as it gets to witnessing a real mission to mars there are thirty. of course you can get a full account. five hundred. home and there's also plenty of other news stories and features here's a preview. and. one of the presidential candidates in kazakhstan promises to marry
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all the single women in the country. and wondered what it's like to live in antarctica. and i'll bring the exact truth. hidden secrets of the frozen. and don't forget to check out our facebook and twitter pages. it's. a favor. can president hamid karzai is trying to save god himself against a potential u.s. who does the. when the whole international attention
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has been foreclosed on the unraveling situation in egypt suddenly got his eye popped up on the headlines with his new end to american rhetoric this time to deprive the united states any opportunity to swap or to dismiss him with a more pliable pseudo democratic leader he decided to regain the initiative and momentum and to capitalize on and to american sentiments in afghanistan thanks to american occupation now he is in charge. clinton used to call narco state due to drug trafficking has required total financial independence from the united states or international community it's to president obama whether he has the guts to learn the less sum from cairo to arrange the
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preventive palace in kabul before this situation in afghanistan we'll come. out of american control. take a look at some other headlines from around the world at political red week three in northern africa ten thousand derrius have taken to the streets of the capital to demand the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika police detained more than four hundred demonstrators in clashes across the city has officially been in a state of emergency for nineteen years allowing your sorties to public demonstrations that are strangers ignored the powers following uprisings in tunisia and egypt and those summoned by the algerian authorities that they can end this state of emergency. and the rest warrant has been issued by the order of pakistan for the country's former military ruler perez musharraf is wont to do with the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto four years ago. is now living
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in london will go on the wanted list as a fugitive if he fails to have paid according to his home country next and today the ex-president denies he knew about the plans to assassinate the opposition leader but did nothing to protect. a taliban raid on the southern are going to have kandahar has killed at least twenty one people and wounded forty nine militants armed with suicide bombs guns and rocket propelled grenades struck the police headquarters in the city's center afghan security forces battled that time for several hours violence has risen in recent months despite thousands of international troops in the province. of the russian city of seoul she gears up to host the twenty fourteen winter games it's on the big slopes are being put through their paces for the first time the black sea resort is hosting alpine skiing competitions with the first international tournaments the european cup starting next week the event is the first to gauge such as a readiness for the olympic games with almost two hundred asking it's taking part
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well what does it say the competition is really testing the tracks are grading on the real conditions. more than a million georgian people live in russia with thousands still setting off in search of a better life and that's despite a break in diplomatic relations between the two countries after a brief war three years ago but as he has done his by those key reports it's a lonely life for those left behind. me me happy and don't forget about us here come and visit us the new one is asked us to show this video greeting to her relatives she sends her best wishes to her son her daughter in law and the grandkids who live away in russia for the seventy three year old they are her only real hope. one leg is hard nowadays all i can get is a few larry here and there. half of this big georgian family moved to rochelle fourteen years ago and even though it's hard for these people to make ends meet
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every month they send the money to their relatives and police and they are not the only wants last year alone families like the gross the chivas transferred more than seven hundred million u.s. dollars to georgia making russia the biggest cash supplier for this caucasus republic the number of such wire transfers has been growing steadily over the past few years giving a strong boost to georgia's economy and even though in two thousand aid bill e.c.f. usually broke all diplomatic ties with more schools and cancelled direct flights between the two capitals it didn't stop georgians from by greeting to russia with the hopes of finding jobs and a better wife we came here as refugees the neighbors were kind to us and they helped a lot so now after all these years we communicated with the rest of the family over the internet sometimes who make the phone calls and wire money to them whenever we can money there is none nobody's daughter in law living in a small mining town of his video in southern russia she relies on her husband by
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bill small business income that lets the whole family live in russia being put their children situation and supporting their elderly relatives and i didn't see this picture of her nor his video message finally reached its recipients my year in medina i haven't seen their grandma for more than six years now they're hoping that someday wife in georgia will get better and visiting the relatives will be as easy as going to the bank and making a mani transfer there is a lot our t. is very southern russia. well much more to come here and i'll see about possible back with the headlines in just a few. feet
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. from. the longest big game hunting history. she was trying to store. data. but sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have heard the surge walks around the area here while we still dog was missing. one shot trying to
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take. out the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy the world's gouty hunters. escobar the great hunt an artist. the.
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the. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images of world leaders and seeing from the streets of canada.


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